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persistent state wrappers

Longevity provides three type aliases, FPState[P], OPState[P], and FOPState[P], for types Future[PState[P]], Option[PState[P]], and Future[Option[PState[P]]], respectively. You can use these type aliases as shorthands for the longer type names.

We also provide implicit classes that provide extra methods mapP and flatMapP for each of the three types above. These methods will open up the containing Future/Option combination, apply a function from P to P, and wrap the result back up. The methods for OPState[P] would look something like this:

class OPState[P <: Persistent] {

  /** map the optional `PState` by mapping the `Persistent` inside */
  def mapP(f: P => P): OPState[P]

  /** flatMap the optional `PState` by flat-mapping the `Persistent` inside */
  def flatMapP(f: P => Option[P]): OPState[P]


FOPState[P] also has convenience methods mapState and flatMapState for opening up the enclosed option:

class FOPState[P <: Persistent] {

  /** map the `FOPState` by mapping the `Persistent` inside the `PState` */
  def mapP(f: P => P): FOPState[P]

  /** flatMap the `FOPState` by flat-mapping the `Persistent` inside */
  def flatMapP(f: P => Future[P]): FOPState[P]

  /** map the `FOPState` by mapping the `PState` inside */
  def mapState(f: PState[P] => PState[P]): FOPState[P]

  /** flatMap the `FOPState` by flat-mapping the `PState` inside */
  def flatMapState(f: PState[P] => FPState[P]): FOPState[P]


Consider the following method, where we are tasked with attempting to retrieve a user by username, modifying the last name if we find such a user, and persisting the result. We return true if we updated a user, and false if not. We can use FOPState extension methods to our advantage here. The type ascriptions would normally be left out, but we include them to make the example easier to follow:

def updateLastName(username: Username, newLastName: String): Future[Boolean] = {
  val retrieved: FOPState[User] = userRepo.retrieve(username)
  val modified: FOPState[User] = retrieved.mapP(_.copy(lastName = newLastName))
  val updated: FOPState[User] = modified.flatMapState(userRepo.update)
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