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managing logging

Longevity current produces two kinds of logging output. First, all exceptions thrown by longevity that are intended to be non-recoverable are logged at the WARN level. Second, all repo API calls, and all calls to the underlying database, are logged at the DEBUG level.

The underlying database drivers also generate a lot of logging output. They tend to be quite chatty, and produce a lot of logs at the INFO level.

Longevity and the underlying drivers all use the SLF4J API, which means you can configure your logging by providing any SLF4J implementation. You may want to turn down logging for the underlying drivers to the WARN level.

As an example, a simple way to do this is to use slf4j-simple:

libraryDependencies += "org.slf4j" % "slf4j-simple" % "1.7.25"

You can then provide a simplelogger.properties file in your src/main/resources directory containing the following line:


This will quell all logs at the INFO level or lower.

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