A Persistence Framework for Scala and NoSQL

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longevity resources

  • Feature List - A quick rundown on what longevity provides for you
  • Getting Started Guide - Covers the basics, should take maybe a half hour to read through
  • Activator Tutorials - These cover roughly the same material as the Getting Started Guide
  • User Manual - A comprehensive guide to using longevity
  • Scaladocs - Programmer’s API
  • Discussion Forum - On Google Groups. Please drop a line! We really want to hear from you!

  • License - Apache 2
  • Longevity By Design - A consulting firm specializing in helping you get started using longevity
  • How You Can Contribute - We are always squeezed for hours to work on this code, and there are loads of great features to be implemented. Please consider contributing.
  • Gitter Channel - Join the lively conversation
  • Story Board - Check out the future roadmap for longevity
  • Latest News - While we wish longevity had its own blog, for the time being, we share longevity news at the scabl blog