A Persistence Framework for Scala and NoSQL

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the persistent type

While the persistent objects are great places to store the information we want to persist, we also need a place to keep track of “meta information” about them. For instance, we want to be able to specify keys, or properties of the object that uniquely identify a persistent within a collection of persistents. We store this kind of meta information in our PTypes.

It’s important to note that, while “key” and “index” are terms used in database schemas and physical modelling, that is not our intention here. Within our PTypes, we are still describing the domain, not the mapping of the domain into database schema. Of course, longevity will translate these things into database indexes and keys, and it does so in a consistent and predictable way, but that does not mean that the uniqueness of a set of properties is not part of the domain. The key question to ask ourselves in making such a determination is, “would a domain expert care about such things”? They would clearly care that an account number is unique, but they should not care about how that maps into a database schema.

Because we build our keys and indexes up out of properties, we will discuss properties first.

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