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in memory repositories

Alongside LongevityContext.repo and LongevityContext.testRepo, there is an inMemRepo that you can use for tests in which you want to use real repositories (as opposed to mocks or stubs), but you don’t want the overhead of working with a real database. While the in-memory repositories are fully functional, the query methods will probably not perform well in the face of large amounts of data.

Setting up a test to use the in-memory repositories is easy enough. For instance, suppose you have a user service that uses constructor injection to get the user repository dependency:

class UserService(userRepo: Repo[DomainModel]) { // ...

And you typically initialize it like so:

val userService = new UserService(longevityContext.repo)

In your tests, you can initialize your service like this instead:

val userService = new UserService(longevityContext.inMemRepo)
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