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exercises for the reader

While Simple Blogging is a working application, it has been developed for the purposes of this tutorial, and consequently, it is incomplete in a number of ways. As an exercise, you might try to enhance the application to fill in the gaps. We will be happy to consider any pull requests you make that fill in missing features. Here are some ideas for experimentations you might try:

  • Add a Comment aggregate to the domain model.
  • Put in service methods and routes for BlogPost and Blog.
  • Write unit tests for the Akka HTTP routes.
  • Write unit tests for UserServiceImpl, preferably using a mock object for the user repository.
  • Write a simple UI that uses the backing API.

Thank you very much for working through this guide! We hope you enjoy longevity as much as we do. If you would like to investigate further, please take a look at our user manual. Also, please write to our discussion forum to tell us about about your experience with longevity, or to ask any questions.

Happy coding!

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