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testing crud operations

Before we wrap up, we’d like to point out a useful tool that you can pull out of the LongevityContext: the RepoCrudSpec. This will test all of your CRUD operations for all of your persistent types against a test database. It’s trivial to set up, as you can see in SimblRepoCrudSpec.scala

package simbl

import org.scalatest.Suites

class SimblRepoCrudSpec extends Suites(

There’s also a little framework for testing queries, and you can see an example of that in BlogPostQuerySpec.scala:

package simbl

import longevity.test.QuerySpec
import scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext.Implicits.global
import scala.concurrent.Future
import simbl.domain.BlogPost
import simbl.domain.SimblDomainModel

class BlogPostQuerySpec extends QuerySpec[Future, SimblDomainModel, BlogPost](
  TestSimblContext.longevityContext) {

  lazy val sample = randomP

  behavior of "BlogPost.queries.recentPosts"
  it should "produce the expected results" in {


You can run these for yourself using sbt test from the command line.

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