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getting started with longevity

This guide walks through the basic steps needed to get started building a real-life application with longevity. The application we will be looking at here is a sample blogging application, built with longevity on the back end, and using Akka HTTP for a REST API that could be used by a web client. You can find the source code here:


We’ve also ported the Akka HTTP tutorial into Play. The tutorials and this guide cover roughly the same material, with this guide following the Akka HTTP version.

We will only have the chance to cover a portion of the blogging application code, so please feel free to explore the codebase further on your own. You can also look to the user manual for more information.

Here’s a table of contents for the getting started guide:

  1. Modelling our Domain
  2. Declaring the Domain Model
  3. Building the User Aggregate
  4. The User Profile
  5. Username and Email
  6. Building the Longevity Context
  7. The Akka HTTP Routes
  8. The User Service
  9. User Service Implementation
  10. UserServiceImpl.createUser
  11. UserServiceImpl.retrieveUser
  12. UserServiceImpl.updateUser
  13. Exercising the API
  14. Testing CRUD Operations
  15. Exercises for the Reader
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